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This Page gives summerised biography of the founder of CHRIST LOVE COMPASSION MINISTRY & Related Information.
Ambrose Ssemuyaba

The Founder of this Ministry/Organisation is Pastor. Ambrose Ssemuyaba
Born in Uganda, Kapeeka Luweero District. Born to Mr. Francis Ssenono and the Late Agnes Mukamusoni. Ambrose was child number three, he was born in the times of the gollira bush war of 1982 that brought President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni into Power.
Two of his elder siblings; a brother and a sister did not survive the war which left him as the acting first born but he is not the first born. He is number three with one sister and a brother.

He started school at Senda Primary School his home village school. He later Joined a bigger school in the same district, St.Kizito Kijaguzo P/S
(a catholic Based school) He Joined Secondary school at Kapeeka SSS, Kungu SSS & Kampala Citizens High School. He later Joined Destiny Bible college -USA – (Kampala Extension) and still studying in various Higher Institutions of learning to-date.

He married his wife Sarah on 6th Dec 2008. They have 3 children 1 Girl Victory Michelle Muganzi and 2 Boys , Joshua Muwanguzi & Caleb Kitiibwa.
He is a Passion driven bible teacher; and a gospel music Singer (Recording Gospel Artist) with one album Tunulirira Katonda that is interpreted as ”Look unto God” depicting the situation he went through when he lost his two sons in a domestic accident (they died in a bathroom) so that song edifies people who might be going through hard situations to look unto God. His Music talent was sported right from childhood, but started recording music in 2011.

He is the Founder of Christ Love Compassion Ministry. The ministry / Organisation that started in 2015 with a zeal of helping the Elderly Persons, Widows and Orphans.. The ministry is benefiting hundreds of people Rehabilitating them to have hope to live again.


Ps.Ambrose Ssemuyaba was elected the National Chairman of the Uganda National Gosple Artists Association (UNAGAA). This is the association that governs the Gospel Music Ministers (Gosple Singers) in Uganda.

Ps.Ambrose Ssemuyaba is the National Chairman of the Uganda National Gosple Artists Association (UNAGAA) the association that governs the Ugandan Gosple Musicians, In the picture above he was talking to the East African Gosple Artists in the ARTISTS’ DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT at Lagrand Hotel.

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