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Our Cause

Christ Love Compassion Ministry - CLCM


0% Donated/$25,000 To Go
 After realizing the need of helping elderly persons who needs a home to live in and have a smile on their faces, We as Christ  love compassion Ministry, embarked of a job of getting for...
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God gave us the obligation of helping those in need of domestic needs. We have been able to provide foodstuffs to needy families by providing to them items like, Wheat flour, Beans, Maize flour, ground...
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Single Mothers / Widows

11% Donated/$5,650 To Go
Initially we did not intend to support Single mothers & Widows but we found it inevitable to help the elderly  leaving out the single mothers. We ended up supporting them by starting small businesses for...
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3% Donated/$96,312 To Go
We have met a lot of  people with  different health challenges, some need close observation whereas others need support once in a while. We  therefore have a dream of building  an Elderly Rehabilitation center /...
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Feed the needy

85% Donated/$ To Go
Under this program we go to villages, hospitals, prisons and to people in vulnerable risky places especially children and the Elderly, in rural areas and we feed them with basic local foods, like, porridge, Sugar,...
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