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This the proposed building we want to build for our seniors.


After realizing the need of helping elderly persons who needs a home to live in and have a smile on their faces, We as Christ  love compassion Ministry, embarked of a job of getting for them a decent home (Elderly Rehabilitation Facility) to at least have a last life time smile. For sure they need someone to care for them in this life though  they seem to have been neglected by many humanitarian Organisations.  Above is the proposed Facility  that we wish to build  if we got  the money to push this dream to reality. This building is estimated to a tune of $25000. We already have land where we shall be building this Structure that is estimated to accommodate 7 self contained apartments under one-roof to cater for more than seven seniors at ago. Every person will be independent in their rooms with Urinals fitted inside their rooms because we are aware, they (elderly) cant move  longer   distances  to ease them selves.

Therefore we call upon every person of good heart,  well wishers, NGO’s or any one willing to stand with us to please donate towards this cause.

You can donate right from $1 to any amount you can afford.

To donate through pay-pal, Press the pay-pal button on top of our page it will automatically donate to us.

God bless you as you stand with those in need.

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